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The Simple Way To Add Supers To Your Broadcast

SimpleSupers DEAL!!

Buy One, Get One free. Get alpha channel support with PowerPoint (Windows) on TWO computers for the price of one. Purchase SimpleSupers for $199, and I'll send you a code for another free! 

  It's Super Simple!

• Build lower thirds and titles in PowerPoint.

• Activate the SimpleSupers app.

• Super your titles with your production switcher or vision mixer, while retaining transparency and animations.

If you can operate PowerPoint, then you can super a graphic.
Use SimpleSupers To:

• Super Lower Thirds
• Super Sermon Notes
• Super Scores
• Super Over-the-Shoulder Graphics
• Super Bugs and Logos
• Super Any Graphics Anywhere

SimpleSupers retains PowerPoint animations to add animated lower thirds, shimmers, fades, and other animations and transitions.

All You Need

• Windows Computer with 3 Displays
• Microsoft PowerPoint
• Production Switcher or Vision Mixer with Key and Fill

Super your titles with off-the-shelf computers and without expensive software and hardware set-ups. And never again use PowerPoint with green background slides to chroma key your graphics. You get full transparency just like you adjust in PowerPoint. And no programming or complicated flash skills needed.
Works great with Blackmagic Design ATEM, Newtek Tricaster, Sony, Panasonic, Ross Carbonite, FOR.A, JVC, Datavideo, Roland and more.

System requirements: Windows 10 or later. PowerPoint 64 bit, 2013 or later. Laptop or Desktop computer with a minimum of 3 displays. 
Main (primary) display is used for PowerPoint app and SimpleSupers controller. Displays are user selectable for Key and Fill.

Unsupported Features: Generating an alpha channel from 3D Models are not supported with this release. (See workaround under FAQ's.) Some graphs and charts, and text within them are not supported. Object grouping may not be supported. Videos with alpha channels are not supported. Some animations are not supported. At this time SimpleSupers is not configured to work with external cards such as the Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio for SDI output. Alpha channel from Slide Master graphics are not supported.

Only standard display adapters that work natively with PowerPoint are supported.

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